What is Trenbolone?
Trenbolone is an anabolic androgenic steroids, an anabolic androgenic steroids, an anabolic and arogenic steroids 500.
It is a (progesterone) hormone, meaning it acts as progesterone, means it has a high ability to bind to progesterone receptors, and it is from the (nandrolone) family like deca
Trenbolone and Deca increase the hormone (prolactin) responsible for secretion of milk
Benefits of Trenbolone :
• It has a high ability to employ the substances that enter your body with high efficiency, which means that your body will benefit most from the food inside it (protein, carb and fat), which is a process called nutrition partitioning, which means calories resulting from carb and protein are added to the calories resulting from fat and are stored in fat cells for a period Long and working, called energy partitioning
• By positive nitrogen balance, it maintains the nitrogen balance, thus preventing muscle loss
• It increases the number of satellite cells to aid in the muscle healing process
• It supplies red blood cells, which provides oxygen that the blood can transport, thus increasing the durability and prominence of the veins.
• IGF-1 stimulates insulin like growth factor, which is a very strong building hormone for muscle building
It reduces the effect of glucocorticoids, like the destructive hormone cortisol, by taking tripleone to the place where cortisol works.
• It has a great ability to lose fat
There are no estrogenic symptoms (high blood pressure, fluid retention, and gynecomastia), so clear dry muscle appears.

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